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Artistes on Panditji

Dr. Kamal Ketkar, Educationist, Musicologist
I have been watching Sharad's progress for a long time. He is very sincere and devoted to whatever he undertakes- be it music or any art. His guruji Pandit DV Paluskar admired all his virtues. His singing style has a distinct stamp of Paluskar's gayaki.
Dr. Ashok Ranade, Musicologist
Sharad has listened to rich traditional music performed by old veterans. As a highly principled artiste he sings what he accepts as authentic without compromising in the least.
Pandit D K Datar, Violinist
Sharad Sathe has full faith in his gurus. As a result he doesn't indulge in compromising on teaching any composition by making it different from the original.
Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, Santoor Artiste
As far as his musicianship is concerned, he is one of the best representatives of Gwalior Gharana. When I listen to his music, I'm reminded of Late Pandit D.V.Paluskarji. The range of his voice, the variety of taans, the totally traditional system of music and purity of style; that is what we appreciate in his music. He combines all the best qualities of his Gurus.
Pandit Dinkar Kaikini, Vocalist
Sharad Sathe's singing reflects salient features of Gwalior gayaki. He pays due attention to the lyrics of a composition. His presentation is very neat and precise.
Pandit Arvind Parikh, Sitarist, Industrialist
Sharadji has his own individuality. Qualities of his thoroughness and meticulousness are reflected in his singing. He has a very affable personality.
Pandit Ullhas Kashalkar, Vocalist
Pandit Sharad Sathe is a rare example of presenting a unique style which he has created after listening carefully to great masters in addition to his own training. My mentor Pandit Ram Marathe always urged me to listen to Sharadji.
Dr. Vikas Kashalkar, Musicologist
Pandit Sharad Sathe establishes a rapport with the audience by authentic portrayal of a raga. His taan patterns are as refined and chiseled as his handwriting.
Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffar Khan, Sitarist
Sharad Sathe's singing is a well-knit combination of poetry, raga and rhythm. He has visualized the creations of old masters. Being a fine artist himself, Sharadji can be said to be a rare combination of note and tone.
Pandit Suresh Talwalkar, Tabla Player
Through Sharadji's music, we could know the great qualities of old musicians. Having imbibed their specialities, Sharad Sathe demonstrates jewels of these gayakis with introspection.
Pandit Ram Narayan, Sarangi Player
I was very much impressed with Sharadji's programme at Laxmi Baug in 1965. Today he has gone much ahead and there is no looking back.
Acharya SCR Bhat, Musicologist
Sharad Sathe's singing marks clarity and authentic approach to a raga through his mellifluous voice.
Dr. Sucheta Chapekar, Bharat Natyam Dancer
Whenever Sharad Sathe sings, he is one with his singing. His raga exposition is very authentic. It's a well-structured sculpture.
Ravi Paranjpe, Fine Artist, Connoisseur
Music has been Sharad Sathe's serious pursuit.
Dilip Chitre, Author, Poet, Music Connoisseur
Sharad Sathe is a canvas on which Pandit Arolkar has painted his music. Sharad Sathe can be regarded as a true and perhaps the only representative of Gwalior Gharana.